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About Us

We believe that early detection or Early Detection Medicine (EDM) is the key to successful treatment.

Our Vision: We envision a world in which health screenings for asymptomatic disease is the standard of care in the medical industry.

Our Mission: To empower the physician to proactively identify disease indicators in asymptomatic patients by utilizing cutting edge preventive screenings and technologies while improving the overall patient experience.

Meet the Team

Meet The Team

krista mowad

David macdonald


President, COO

Christine tyrrell, rn

VP Clinical Operations

Amy mccormack

Director of New Business Development

Sarah Lynn.jpg

sarah lynn

Director of Implementation

& Training

Jane Gargano.jpg

Jane gargano

Director of Human Resources

Jennifer Perlini.jpg

Jenn perlini, lpn

Director of Clinical Operations 

jennifer macdonald

Assistant Director of Human Resources

charlie falzone

Director of National Accounts

Jean Henry.jpg

jean henry

Account Manager

Randy Bourdeau

Analytics Manager


Joanne Mucciacciaro

Director of Account Management

Alycen Wright.jpg

Alycen Wright

Director of Revenue Cycle

amy ricketts

Clinical Training Supervisor

Leticia quadra

Account Manager

Amanda Kycia

Billing Manager

Sam Cone

Clinical Trainer

samantha mitchell

Implementation Specialist

board of clinical directors

Dr. Akua Sam, MD

Dr Phil.PNG

Dr. phil, MD

Dr. Cordido, md

Early Detection is the Key To Successful Treatment

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