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Applicable Medical specialties


Our tests help diagnose patients with known CAD/hypercholesterolemia/hypertension especially with those of smoking and stroke history.

Diabetic Medicine

Our protocol helps to diagnose diabetes as well as other hidden diseases associated with diabetes including neuropathies and PAD.


Our test provides a good wellness tool for all patients with diabetes/thyroid/cholesterol issues.


Our service helps the gastroenterologist identify and quantify neuropathies associated with the autonomic nervous system and thus helpful in treating patients with abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea or symptoms that follow irritable bowel.

General Practice

Good wellness tool for testing asymptomatic diseases in asymptomatic patients, 60% of adult patients qualify.

Geriatric Medicine

Our service is a good wellness tool for the geriatric physician in that all of their patient mix should qualify for testing. Elevated pulse wave pressures in ABI over the age of 70 correlate with increased risk of dementia.

Integrative Practice

Our service is a complete wellness tool that can easily be implemented into integrative practices.

Internal Medicine

Our service is a great wellness tool for testing hidden diseases in asymptomatic patients.  In addition, we help diagnose the root causes of complex symptomologies related to the cardiovascular and autonomic nervous system. 60% of adult patients qualify.

Nephrology (Kidney)

All patients with Stage III kidney disease qualify - the link is they have a higher risk for PVD.


All patients with neuropathies qualify for our service.  Our service helps the Neurologist objectively quantify the neuropathy.


Because OGBYN physicians often act as the primary care physician for women of childbearing age our service is a  good wellness platform to help identify hidden disease in asymptomatic patients.


Our service is a good wellness tool for ophthalmologists, especially in diabetes detection.


The P4P testing protocol has clinical relevance in the orthopedic space because it is a good wellness tool used pre-surgery to identify circulatory and diabetic issues.     

Pain Management

Pain management encompasses treating patients with pain and correctly identifying the pathology of that pain.  Our clinical tool helps to identify whether that pain is vascular or neuropathic, or both allowing the clinician to develop a more personalized approach to the patient's pain management. 


Good wellness tool especially due to lower leg issues and large number of diabetic patients;  pre-surgery tool.

Pulmonology, to incl. Sleep Disorders

The link between COPD and autonomic dysfunction and heart disease makes our service a useful diagnostic screening tool. 

Sports Medicine

Our service is a good wellness platform for the sports medicine physician.


P4P is a good screening/wellness tool pre-surgery for detecting peripheral vascular disease and cardio risk assessments. 


P4P helps rule out vascular causes of Erectile Dysfunction.

Weight Management

Our service is a good wellness tool for weight management physicians.  Most patients will likely qualify for our service because of the higher rates of diabetes/ thyroid/ cholesterol issues in overweight patients.

Wound Care

Excellent screening tool to determine arterial causes of lower extremity ulcers/wounds.

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Solo Medical Practices

Better patient care and additional revenue to remain independent in a competitive market.



Our service helps independent physician groups remain competitive with a general preventative diagnostic assessment that leads to intra-IPA referrals (cardiology, endocrinology, CV testing, sleep testing, labs).


Multi-Specialty Groups

In addition to offering preventative diagnostic assessments that generate a new revenue stream with an existing patient base, we offer a screening tool that leads to multiple referral streams (e.g. cardiology, endocrinology, diabetes mgmt., CV testing, sleep testing, labs).


Hospitals and Healthcare Orgs

Reduce hospital subsidies of employed physician groups. Boosts the bottom line with an existing patient base. We provide preventative diagnostic assessments and a wellness platform that generates new downstream revenue for the hospital in areas like cardiology, sleep centers, labs, other specialties and surgical procedures to name a few.  

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